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Cordillera Blanca Peru - Pisco Mountain Climb

Pisco Climb

Pisco Mountain Climb.

Mt. Pisco (5,750 mts.) is considered a perfect mountain to acclimatize to the altitude before trying other summits. Also it can be done by beginners that want to start this wonderful sport.
Its located in the Cordillera Blanca, National Park Huascaran at the Demanda Valley next to the Llanganuco lakes of Chinancocha and Orconcocha that are surrounded by a group of impressive mountains.
The normal route is done through the south west face were you are able to see at the summit, the peaks of Huandoy (6,395 mts.), Chacraraju (6,112 mts.), Yanapacha (5,460 mts.), Chopicalqui (6,345 mts.), Huascaran (6,768 mts.), Paron (6,025 mts), Santa Cruz (6,020 mts.), Alpamayo (5,947 mts.), Artesonraju (6,025 mts.), making this climb unique.


SEASON: May - September
SERVICE: POOL SERVICE (shared group).
RESERVATIONS: AT OFFICE: 05 Days before the trip date, previous confirmation.
TIME LINE: 3 Days - 2 Nights.
This trip is done in local transportation, you will have the personal assistance of a professional guide, all the time.


DAY 1. - Huaraz- Llanganuco Lake - Cebollapampa (3090m)- Pisco Base Camp (4600m).
Transfer from Huaraz in a vehicle toward Yungay (2500m) to head to the National Park Huascaran, passing by the Llanganuco lakes, arriving to Cebollapampa were you get off and continues a hike to the base camp (aprox. 4 hours).
DAY 2. Base Camp - Pisco Summit (5750m) - Base Camp.
This day you get up at 2 or 3 a.m. to leave to overcome the morrena (morrain), going towards the gorge of the glacier, ascending a pitch in the snow, continuing the hike to the summit, where the view of mountains, will make you forget the fatigue of the climb. After being in the summit for a while starts the return to the base camp.
Day 3. Base Camp - Cebollapampa - Yungay - Huaraz - Hotel.
After breakfast starts the return; the team will pick up camp and the muleteers will load the luggage in the donkeys to return to Cebollapampa where the vehicle is waiting to head back to Huaraz and leave you at your hotel.

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